24-29 June, 2018 @ City University of Hong Kong

Keynote Speakers

As of today, the Keynote Speakers of our 12 session themes are:

Session Theme 1 — Nanostructure in High Entropy Alloys

Prof. Zhaoping LU
Changjiang Distinguished Professor of Materials Science
Vice-President (Research & Graduate Education & Foreign Affair)
University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

Abstract Title Hardening from fully coherent nanoprecipitates via lattice mismatch design

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Prof. Tai Gang NIEH
Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
The University of Tennessee, USA

Abstract Title Thermally stability of nanoprecipitates in precipitation-strengthened high-entropy alloys

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Prof. Jien-Wei YEH
Distinguished Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Abstract Title From Nano-Materials to High-Entropy Materials

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Session Theme 2 — Nanomaterials for Sensors, Flexible Electronics and Nanocomposites

Prof. Seokwoo JEON
Chair Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Director, Advanced MEMS GC Center for Drug Detection
Advanced Battery Center, KI for the Nano Century,
KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Korea

Abstract Title Functional Nanomaterials Made from Large-Area, Optical 3D Nanopatterning

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Prof.Jinsong LENG
Cheung Kong Chair Professor, Smart Structures
Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Abstract Title 4D Printing of Shape Memory Polymer Composites and Their Applications

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Prof. Yiu-Wing MAI
University Chair, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
The University of Sydney, Australia

Abstract Title On Functional Applications of Polymer Nanocomposites

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Professor Dr. Zhong ZHANG
Professor Dr., Head of Division, Nanomanufacturing and Applications
National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, China

Abstract Title Interfacial Properties of 2D Materials

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Session Theme 3 — Nanomaterials for Energy and Environmental Applications

Prof. Xiaodong CHEN
Associate Chair (Faculty), School of Materials Science and Engineering
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Abstract Title Rational Materials Design for Ultrafast Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries

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Prof. Mohammad Khaja NAZEERUDDIN
Head, Group for Molecular Engineering of Functional Materials
École Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne, Switzerland

Abstract Title Dimensional Tailoring of hybrid perovskites for efficient and stable solar cells

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Prof. Xiaoqing PAN
Henry Samueli Endowed Chair in Engineering
Director of UC Irvine Materials Research Institute (IMRI)
Professor of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science and Physics & Astronomy, University of California - Irvine, USA

Abstract Title In situElectron Microscopy of Nano-catalystswith Atomic Resolution underAtmospheric Pressure

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Dr. Jean Pierre PEREIRA -RAMOS
Director of Research - CNRS, Group of Electrochemistry and Spectroscopy of Materials - GESMAT
Institute of Chemistry and Materials of Paris East (ICMPE UMR7182), France

Abstract Title Nanosize Effect on Electrochemical and Structural Behaviour of V2O5 as High Performance Cathode Material for Li-ion and Na-ion Batteries

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Prof. Alberto VOMIERO
Chair in Experimental Physics, Division of Materials Science, Department of Engineering Science and Mathematics
Luleå University of Technology, Sweden

Abstract Title Composite nanostructures for high-efficiency Sunlight conversion

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Prof. Huijun ZHAO
Chair Professor of Chemistry
Director, Centre for Clean Environment and Energy
Griffith University, Australia

Abstract Title Theory-Guided Nanocatalyst Discovery for Energy Application

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Session Theme 4 — Bulk and Gradient Metallic Nanomaterials

Prof. Jürgen ECKERT
Director, Erich Schmid Institute of Materials Science, Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW), Austria
Head, Department Materials Physics, Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria

Abstract Title Bulk and Gradient Nanostructured Metallic Materials: Tuning Microstructure and Mechanical Properties

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Prof. Huajian GAO
Professor of School of Engineering
Brown University, USA

Abstract Title History-Independent Cyclic Response of Nanotwinned Metals

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Prof. Dr. Mathias GÖKEN
Chair Professor for General Materials Properties
Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), Germany

Abstract Title Enhancement of Mechanical and Electrical Properties in Nanolaminates

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Prof. Yuntian ZHU
Distinguished Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
North Carolina University, USA

Abstract Title Perspective on Heterostructured materials

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Session Theme 5 — Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications

Prof. Yuliang ZHAO
Deputy Director-General, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, China
Director of Chinese Academy of Sciences Key Laboratory for Biomedical
Effects of Nanomaterials and Nanosafety, Institute of High Energy Physics,
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Professor of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Deputy Director-General, National Center for Nanosciences and Technology of China.

Abstract Title Biochemical Activities and Biosafety of Nanomaterial/Nanomedicine

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Session Theme 6 — Frontiers in Nanostructure Stability: Glasses and Nanocrystalline Materials

Prof. Horst HAHN
Executive Director, Institute of Nanotechnology, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Chair Professor, Institute of Materials Science, Technical University Darmstadt, Germany

Abstract Title Nanoglasses – news from the amorphous state

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Dr. Xinrui NIU
Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering
City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Abstract Title Ultrasound driven coalescence of zirconia nanoparticles - a molecular dynamics study

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Prof. Masato OHNUMA
Laboratory of Quantum Beam System, Division of Quantum Beam Engineering Faculty,
Hokkaido University, Japan

Abstract Title Temperature Memory Effect of Soft Magnetic Amorphous Ribbons

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Prof. Christopher A. SCHUH
Department Head
Danae and Vasilis Salapatas Professor of Metallurgy
Department of Materials Science and Engineering (DMSE)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Abstract Title How Grain Boundary Segregation Enables 3D Printing of Bulk Nanostructured Metals

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Session Theme 7 — Carbon Nanomaterials

Prof. Zhengxiao GUO
Professor of Materials Chemistry
Research Theme Leader –Nanostructures for Energy and Environment
UCL-China Ambassador, University College London (UCL) / London Centre for Nanotechnology, UK

Abstract Title Carbon Catalysis from Electronic, Binding, Band to Hierarchical Structures

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Prof. Mark C. HERSAM
Walter P. Murphy Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Professor of Chemistry, Medicine, and Electrical Engineering (by courtesy)
Director, Northwestern University Materials Research Center
Associate Editor, ACS Nano, USA

Abstract Title Printable Carbon and Related Two-Dimensional Nanomaterial Inks for Electronic and Energy Applications

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Prof. Lian-Mao PENG
Yangtze Professor and Head, Department of Electronics
Peking University, China

Abstract Title CNT Based Thin Film and Flexible Transistor Technologies

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Prof. Fei WEI
Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering
Tsing Hua University, China

Abstract Title Synthesis of Ultrapure Aligned Semiconducting Ultralong Carbon Nanotubes and Monochromatic Carbon Nanotube Tangles

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Session Theme 8 — Nanomechanics

Prof. Mingwei CHEN

Abstract Title Time-resolved Cs-corrected TEM for in situ straining observations of nanostructured metals

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Prof. Kyung-Suk KIM
Director of Advanced Materials Research, School of Engineering
Brown University, USA

Abstract Title Graphene Nanotechnology for Molecular Informatics: The Graphene Moleculography

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Prof. Jun LOU
Professor of Materials Science and NanoEngineering,
Professor of Chemistry (By courtesy)
Rice University, USA

Abstract Title Quantitative In-Situ Study of Low Dimensional Materials

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Prof. Lei LU
Professor and Doctor Tutor
Materials Fatigue and Fracture Division, Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science, China
Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Abstract Title Fatigue behavior of gradient nanograined Cu

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Session Theme 9 — Nanomaterials for Photonics and Optoelectronics

Prof. Vasudevan P. BIJU
Director, Promotion Office of International Alliance
Professor of Graduate School of Environmental Science and Research, Institute for Electronic Science
Hokkaido University, Japan

Abstract Title Photoluminescence of Semiconductor Quantum Dots: The Roles of Electron Donors/Acceptors and Incident Photon Flux

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Prof. Hilmi Volkan DEMIR
Director, NRF Fellow, and Professor of Electrical Engineering Physics and Materials Science
LUMINOUS! Nanyang Technological University NTU, Singapore
UNAM Bilkent University, Turkey

Abstract Title Nanocrystal Optoelectronics: from Solution-Processed Quantum Dots to Wells

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Prof. Jochen FELDMANN
Chair, Photonics and Optoelectronics,
Photonics and Optoelectronics Group - LMU Munich, Germany

Abstract Title Carrier dynamics in metal halide perovskite nanocrystals

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Prof. Jianfang WANG
Professor, Department of Physics
Assistant Dean (Education), Faculty of Science
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Associate Editor, Nanoscale (RSC)

Abstract Title Monodisperse Silver Nanorods with Synthetically Tunable Plasmon Wavelengths from ~700 Nanometers to ~10 Micrometers


Session Theme 10 — Magnetic Nanomaterials for Applications

Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Delaware, USA

Abstract Title Magnetic Nanoclusters and Nanoparticles


Prof. Christian RINALDI
Assistant Professor, Department of Physics
Nanomagnetism for Spintronics and Biology group, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Abstract Title Tuning of spin physics in ferroelectric Rashba semiconductors

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Prof. Sergio O. VALENZUELA
ICREA Prof. and Group Leader, Physics and Engineering of Nanodevices Group
Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2), Spain

Abstract Title Spin and hot-carrier transport in graphene-based devices

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Session Theme 11 — SPD Processed Nanomaterials with Multifunctional Properties

Prof. Sergey DOBATKIN
Head, Laboratory of Physical Metallurgy of Non-Ferrous and Light Alloys, Baikov Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Professor, Department of Physical Metallurgy and Strength Physics, National University of Science and Technology MISIS, Russia

Abstract Title High Strength Ultrafine-Grained Copper-Based Alloys with High Multifunctional Properties for Electrotechnical Applications

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Prof. Hyoung Seop KIM
Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Director, Center for High-Entropy Alloys (National Research Foundation)
POSTECH (Pohang University of Science and Technology), Korea

Abstract Title Towards Industrialization of Severe Plastic Deformation

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Prof. Nobuhiro TSUJI
Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan

Abstract Title Bulk Nanostructured Metals Having Fully Recrystallized Structures

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Prof. Gerhard WILDE
Chair Professor of Materials Physics
Director, Institute of Materials Physics
Vice-Dean, Department of Physics
University of Münster, Germany

Abstract Title Defect structures, stability and atomic mobility of grain boundaries in severely deformed metals and alloys

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Session Theme 12 — Nanostructured Precious Metals

Prof. Rongchao JIN
Associate Editor, Nanoscale (Royal Society of Chemistry), USA
Professor, Carnegie Mellon University Department of Chemistry, USA

Abstract Title Atomically Precise Metal Nanoparticles: Fundamentals and Opportunities

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Prof. Xun WANG
Professor of Department of Chemistry
Tsinghua University, China

Abstract Title Ultrathin Noble Metal Nanostructures for Catalysis and Energy Conversion

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Prof. Hua ZHANG
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Abstract Title Crystal Phase-Engineering of Novel Nanomaterials

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